by Botany

Texan producer Botany a.k.a. Spencer Stephenson with yet another super chilled yet semi-psychedelic tune! Dipped in the same waters as his other brilliant gem ‘Anchor’, this tune bangs an old-school boom-bap beat inside a psychedelic tapestry of vibrant arpeggios and shimmering sheets of background noise. 

Check it out and have a great chilled day…


Shadow of The Beast

by Perseus

It has been a while since we’ve heard anything from the ‘baby making record maker’ Perseus but luckily he’s back. After ‘Love in Zanzibar’ Perseus kind of disappeared of the map leaving us in wonder and disappointment as we wanted more, but like all great legends they come back and when they do…boy it’s a game changer. 

The latest gem entitled Shadow of the Beast is yet another colossal track from the French Express head honcho. This profound track creeps on you, and slowly takes you into a deep euphoria trip as the vocals and the wistful synths are all perfectly aligned to created one of the most fantastic musical experience you will listen to. 

Well done Sir, you did it once again…


Untitled (Unreleased)

by Jamie xx

London-based producer Jamie xx has surfaced this unreleased gem. Ever since it’s upload online 6 days ago, this track has been making waves on the internet, but it’s no surprise considering the brilliance and genius of the track! Yet another fantastic tune from the Englishman, have a listen and share the love! 


Your Love

by Kellerkind

Marco Biagini or more commonly known in the music world as Kellerkind has just recently released his album entitled Music Is A Miracle on the Stil Vor Talent label. Full of delicious tracks, today we feature a very special tune called Your Love. 

A smoothly deep and relaxing tune that simply satisfies our soul greatly…but enough of the talking, have a listen and enjoy for yourself. 

Buy Kellerkind’s album Music Is A Miracle HERE: http://www.beatport.com/release/music-is-a-miracle/1181052


Two of our all time favourite artists in one track! How can this be possible?! Luckily David August decided to play about a bit with Come Together and add his own signature touches to a legendary track! The outcome is simply brilliant David August material with a magic Beatles vibe! 


Parisian Senbeï with a majestic Hip Hop track to delight our ears! Part of the ‘MI LO’ EP just recently released, this tune is dope in every single way! Have a listen and enjoy!

Support the artist: https://soundcloud.com/mrsenbei


Open Rhythms (Mudd Remix)

by Bodies Of Water

A super smooth and chilled track featuring today! California band, Bodies Of Water are the creators of this masterpiece, remixed by Mudd on Aficionado Recordings of Manchester. 


Cuz We All Real

by Fortune

Today we present you a young and talented artist know as Fortune. Bristol born Michael, is a true genius when it comes to Hip Hop, Jazz Hop and good music in general! Based in Newcastle, our friend Fortune plays regularly at World HQ, Cosmic Ballroom and the likes, delighting the real music heads of Newcastle.

Cuz We All Real is a Jazz Hop gem with a smooth, chilled vibe, beautifully put together by the talented artist! 

We’ll be featuring some of his other outstanding tunes in the coming weeks, but if you can’t wait then have a look at Fortune’s Soundcloud to hear some of his other dope creations and mixes: https://soundcloud.com/fortuneuk


Depak Ine

by John Talabot

A long time favourite here at Groovy Beats, Barcelona man, John Talabot has been satisfying us with fantastic music for some time. Tracks such as So Will Be Now and When The Past Was Present have had incredible success and demonstrate the brilliance of this musical genius. 

Depak Ine is just another one of them brilliant tracks from Talabot’s amazing portfolio. A track full of energy but somehow mysterious, dancy and full of signature Talabot samples! Enjoy

Listen to more John Talabot here: https://soundcloud.com/john-talabot 


French duo Cherokee have produced another radiant track to delight our musical ears! Featuring the lovely Darianna, this deep tune produced by the duo is charming and it will take you on a captivating journey! 

Out on Roche Musique on the 11th of November! 

Cherokee Music: https://soundcloud.com/cherokee-official


Wicked Game

by Emika

Recently, there have been several brilliant reworks and versions of Chris Isaak’s old wonder track, 'Wicked Game' but Emika from Berlin manages to bring us a stellar new version! It is chilled, sexy and the vocals of Emika are absolutely majestic. Have a listen and let it take you away…

Also, check out Emika’s other music here: https://soundcloud.com/emika


If you haven’t heard of Citizen Cope then you better do yourself a favour and check them out because you are certainly missing out on some great music. 

Today we feature an edit by Phonothek of ‘Lifeline’. The original is more downbeat than this edit but Phonothek magically manages to upbeat this tune making it lively, vibrant and full of energy. 

Enjoy and have a cracking day



Tongue (Feat. Holly Walker)

by Maribou State

The fantastic Maribou State are featuring on the website with yet another stellar production! Following the huge success they had since 2011 with their other EPs, the British artists are back again with a brilliant EP on the inimitable Southern Fried Records label. 

Featuring 5 tracks, 3 of which are remixes of Tongue, this EP is ingenious and exquisite, once again a demonstration of the majestic talent of the duo! 

The original track on the spotlight today is a great electro dance track, featuring the lovely Holly Walker and her grandiose vocals! Have a listen and you will understand…


Today we bring you a little bit of Hip-Hop considering we have been slacking in this category! It’s a chilled one produced by The Are and it’s featuring D. of K-Otix, potentially some names which you haven’t really heard before unless you are a true Hip Hop connoisseur! 

Nevertheless, we suggest you check this piece out because it’s a great track, with sick gangsterish lyrics and a dope beat! 

Have a dope Sunday…


Continuing with the Old School trend, we bring you another revived classic track for this evening’s entertainment. A legendary production by the unrivalled William DeVaughn, which dates back to 1974. 

Our Parisian friend, FKJ who has featured previously on the website is the master of this beautiful remix. Originally an unreleased track, occasionally played by FKJ while playing at several gigs, the track was demanded by fans and today we finally have it released! A groovy piece, full of class and with a smooth touch of the brilliant FKJ! We are certainly looking forward to hear FKJ on his little tour of the UK in the cities of Leeds, Manchester and Nottingham. 

Merci mec, pour cette grande chanson! 

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